Robinson-aboutWe are plaintiff’s attorneys concentrating in the ever-emerging field of consumer and victim’s rights law. Consumer law encompasses areas governed by both federal and state consumer statutes coupled with the common law actions such as fraud, constructive fraud and other equitable remedies. We sponsor The Legal Rights Hotline, 1-800-275-6164,, a free information service designed to educate the public on consumer, debtor and accident victim rights.  Our practice in concentrated in the areas of automobile dealer fraud, lemon law, foreclosure prevention, automobile repossessions, fair debt collection, fair credit reporting, consumer bankruptcy and personal injury law. In sum, we believe in debtor’s and victim’s rights and work to provide redress through the law for consumers and victims.

To provide you, the visitor, with information to better understand your rights we have included some relevant edited sections from the U.S. Government’s Consumer’s Resource Handbook and refer to it as, simply, Consumer Tips. Especially important is our link on More Tips on Buying a Used Car. A completely free copy of the Handbook can be obtained by writing to CRH, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009 or by accessing the CIC web site at